Maxaloones 6m-3y

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Maxaloones  6m-3y
Maxaloones  6m-3y
Maxaloones  6m-3y
Maxaloones  6m-3y

These lovely grow with me Maxaloones have been made to fit children most from 6 month to 3 years simply rolling the cuffs and waistband up for the smaller sizes and unrolling as your little one grows.

The comfy pants feature a sweet music inspired print with black cuffs and bum circle. They're great over cloth diapers but slim enough to look great over undies or disposables.

Why I love Grow With Me clothing.

-Kids grow fast! 3 years of wear out of the same item means their favorite shirt can be their favorite even longer.
-One item, multiple children. I love to be able to use the same shirt on me 1 year old as me 3 year old.
-Stretch the wardrobe for less. Lessen the yearly purge of outgrown clothing.
-Environmentally friendly. 3 years of wear also allows you to extend the life of your item and reduces the need to buy new.

*While this item is designed to fit from 6m-3y children do range in size and only an estimate.

Looking for another size? Often me ready to ship items have been made with the last of existing fabric. I am however, happy to speak with you if you're looking for an item with certain prints or colors.

*Sewn in non-smoking, cat friendly home.
*I follow CSPC safety guidelines.
*I do me best to ensure everything is well sewn but from time to time mistakes have been missed. Please contact me with an questions or concerns. *Please remember due to monitor and lighting colors may vary from images.